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Tue, Feb. 7th, 2006, 09:32 pm
fif1286: (no subject)

i was just looking at the old ivy community. ha. poor morse community never took off. anyway, do you fellow MVC kids still read this? yeah. i'm taking diff eq which is supposed to be ridiculously hard here? or so i've heard.

but anyway, here's a cute quote from a kid on neal hamer's floor: "diff eq sounds like a place where you go to get ice cream and they change your oil for you." i enjoy it very much. (get it? it's like jiffy lube + dq. sweeeeeet)

oh, and yesterday in math i sat between katie mcmillan and sam gupta which was kind of like math with morse all over again but not at all because morse wasn't there. yup. hope all is going well w/ all of you. ttfn

Thu, Feb. 3rd, 2005, 10:33 pm
jumpx3forjoy22: (no subject)

Alright, here's my idea: we've had an 'MVC Coalition' of sorts going on all year with the e-mails. Haha silly Mr. Morse - as soon as he sent us all an e-mail, we just took out the teacher names and started our OWN correspondence!! Such rebels, we are. Anyway, instead of using that, we could use this for questions on homework, quizzes, etc. And yes, Maya, I do suppose that we could give Morse the link, but a) I doubt he'd ever check it, and b) then we'd have to keep it appropriate and math-related. Oh, well. We shall see. And sorry I haven't been contributing as much as a president should; this new linear algebra crap leaves me feeling rather...uninspired.

Wed, Feb. 2nd, 2005, 08:14 am
supergirldima: csc 60

i must say that this fanclub is a pathetic fail.

you MVC kids are all FAILURES.

yes yes yes

i was going to draw a math picture because i have little else to offer fanclubs, but i'm busy - lots of math homework.

so, here are some old pictures:Collapse )

Mon, Jan. 24th, 2005, 04:57 pm
estergreenwood: Greetings, fellow MVCers

hey everybody,

My resignation from the Ivy fanclub was surely a calculated move- an action taken in order to launch a new cause. I have found my new calling to be the founder of the Craig Morse fanclub! So clap your hands in approval and let's get started!

Just as Brittany delegated fanclub roles in our previous endeavor (aka Operation Ivy), I will now take the time to assign certain responsibilities to people.

Brittany Smith, the most enthusiastic Morse fan I know, shall be the President of the Craig Morse Fanclub (shall we call it CMF for short, or We <3 Craig, or something to the effect? President Smith shall decide).

I, Maya Yabumoto, shall be President Smith's Chief of Staff. I shall make posts on occasion and evaluate submissions.

Heck, screw this process. any others who are interested are welcome to join and seek a position in this community via President Smith.

Thank you very much.


Maya Yabumoto
Chief of Staff